Health & Safety policy


All members, users and associates of Bluebell Admin Services Ltd are responsible for their own safety and wellbeing at all times. We have less than 5 employees so a Health & Safety Policy isn’t necessary, but we have written this to ensure that everybody is aware of the company expectations and standards.  

Any employees or associates of Bluebell Admin Services Ltd are expected to ensure their own safety, and that of others, at all times wherever they are working, and to comply with all procedures whilst on premises. These include but are not limited to Fire, Health & Safety, Accident, Smoking & Vaping, Computers, Lone Working, Personal Safety, Heavy Lifting, Equipment, Electrical Safety & Testing Policies & Procedures.  

We endeavour to ensure the safety of anyone connected to Bluebell Admin Services Ltd in any way that we can.  


Bluebell Admin Services Ltd aim to provide equal opportunities in all aspects of recruitment and employment. We do consider abilities, skills and the job requirements. We do not consider race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability (unless it is relevant to the services provided and we are legally entitled to consider it). 

Bluebell Admin Services Ltd expects all employees, users and associates to treat others with respect. Any instances of this not happening must be reported to the Company Director who will take the appropriate actions.