Terms & conditions

Parties & Services 

These terms and conditions supplement the Letter of Engagement which is made between Bluebell Admin Services Ltd and the user at the time of services being discussed. The services to be provided are detailed on the proposal, and can be amended by mutual request by either party via email or verbally, and a subsequent proposal being produced.  

All fees are detailed on the Proposal. Unless otherwise agreed any additional expenses will be detailed on the invoice. This can include but is not limited to stationary, postage, USB sticks, telephone charges and fuel expenses if travel is required.  

Unless otherwise specified or requested all work will be undertaken at Bluebell Admin’s premises and fuel charges may be applied if travel to any other premises is required.  



Basis of Agreement 


Bluebell Admin services are provided on a ‘business-to-business’ basis but we will also service personal requests. The user named in the booking will be our main point of contact and has the authority to agree payments and work required. In order to fulfil certain requests we reserve the right to instruct any associates of ours who may have the appropriate or better skills to complete tasks. We will then sub-contract our associate/s as necessary but they will complete work within our privacy policy and keep all work undertaken confidential. The user has the right to accept or refuse the associates to complete the work before they are instructed.  

Time based bookings have a minimum charge of 30 minutes and records can be kept on how much time is spent on a task- please request this in advance if you wish for this to be recorded on your file.  

Bluebell Admin hold Professional Indemnity Insurance but please advise if any other insurance is required prior to accepting work. This may be chargeable to the user. We will not purchase any additional goods or services unless authorised to do so by the user named on the booking.  



Standards & Timings 

Bluebell Admin Services endeavour to provide a reasonable estimate of time needed to complete a task but in some instances this may be less or more upon completion. If a booking is expected to overrun on the time estimate we will contact the user to confirm if they wish us to carry on, and provide an estimate of further time required.    

Any urgent work required may be subject to additional fees being incurred which will be detailed in the booking. Retained hours bookings are available but may also occur additional charges for any extra requirements. If a retained booking is made, no more than 10% of hours may be carried over to the following month if unused and must be used within the following month. Hours carried over will be used in the following month prior to using that month’s retainer allocation.  





Payments- all proposals are generated so that payment is due monthly in advance by Direct debit. All fees are detailed on the Proposal


Ownership of work & Copyright 

The rights to all work carried out under any agreement belongs to Bluebell Admin Services. Any rights to work undertaken will be assigned to the user upon receipt of payment. The user agrees to not breach any third party copyrights when sending us work, or to use any restricted or confidential information that belongs to any other party outside of the agreement. Bluebell Admin Services agree to keep full and accurate records of all work carried out which are available to the user. Bluebell Admin Services agree not to publish, access, use or adapt any information, documents or data provided to us for purpose of work undertaken for our own or any other person’s benefit or purpose.  


Policies & Procedures 

Bluebell Admin Services have their own policies and procedures available to all users of our services. Health & Safety is the responsibility of the company unless we are working at a user’s premises when both policies are applicable.  

Confidential information provided by the user will only be used to complete the work requested on the booking, or if required to do so by a court order or statutory obligation. All documents and information supplied will be stored safely and securely at our premises and will be only be accepted by secure transmission. We do not accept any liability for documents not sent securely. This will be confirmed with the user during the booking. Any passwords supplied are for our exclusive use and will not be passed on to any other party. Once a job is completed it is the responsibility of the user to change passwords or delete any log-ins provided. This applies to all systems- accounts packages, social media log-ins and passwords etc.   


Restrictions & Limitations 

As previously mentioned, Bluebell Admin Services may sub-contract work to associates who work to our standards and are under contract with us. Any deviance to these contracts may result in a charge to the user if they wish to subsequently use them directly.  

Force Majeure- Bluebell Admin Services will not be held liable for failure to provide services where it is not safe or reasonably practical to do so due to circumstances beyond our control.  

Limitation of Liability- Our services are chargeable at the rates agreed upon booking and are determined on the basis of the limits of liability set out in these terms. There will be no personal liability against any of our directors or employees or associates arising in any form from the performance or non-performance of services, or relating to the supply of products. We hold no liability for any losses or expenses incurred by the user, however caused, including but not limited to loss of income, expected profit, reputation receipts or contracts, goodwill, nor any losses or expenses from third party claims.  



Either party within the agreement may end it by giving one month’s notice in writing which shall be given via email or letter. Termination shall not affect rights and obligations accrued prior to termination. All payments and receipts must be settled upon termination.  

The following words used in these Terms and Conditions are defined as; 

User named in the Letter of Engagement’ – the client requesting the services of Bluebell Admin Services and agreeing to the terms detailed. 

‘Booking’- the agreement made between the user and Bluebell Admin Services Ltd to undertake work as detailed and requested 

‘Confidential Information’- all information obtained or discovered due to our agreement of services with the user. This does not include information openly published. 

‘Rights’- this includes but is not limited to copyrights, patents, registered designs, design rights, trademarks, service marks.  

‘Services’- the work to be undertaken and the outcomes to be achieved by Bluebell Admin Services as per the letter of engagement